Powerzone | PARC Frankston


Powerzone Barre
Incorporating ballet barre movement and mixing elements of Pilates, dance, yogas, functional and suspension training to give you a full body workout.

Powerzone Cardio
Raise your heart rate and improve your cardio fitness with Powerzone Cardio. This workout combines functional training with the Skill equipment to give you the cardio burn.

Powerzone Circuit
The classic circuit group class. Multiple exercise stations targeting the whole body. High intensity workout to music in a fun class environment.

Powerzone Fly
Suspension training with a hit of cardio and plyo work. Full body strength and endurance training.

Powerzone HIIT
Powerzone HIIT. The name says it all! 100% effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short recovery periods in a circuit style. HIIT training gets and keeps your heart rate up, burning more calories in a short period.

Powerzone Punch
Boost your endurance and strength in this high intensity boxing style class. Combining boxing techniques, resistance and core exercises.



30 minutes

Fitness Level

Suitable for all levels

What to bring

Sweat towel | Drink bottle