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Group Exercise Disruptions

Due to upgrades of our studio audio systems on Thursday 13th December, some classes will be affected while works are carried out. The following class disruptions will […]

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5 October 2018
heart rate training

Heart Rate Training

Understanding heart rate training:   Q: What is MAX (MHR) Heart Rate? Maximum heart rate is the highest heart rate an individual can safely achieve through […]
26 July 2018

Active Youth Membership – Bella & Nicole’s Testimonial

Hi Bella and Nicole,  Nice to meet you both! Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us to have a chat about your fitness […]
5 June 2017

The Economy of Food

The Economy of Food by Andrew Castillo Have you ever heard someone say that healthy food is too expensive? Well I’m about to show you how […]
5 June 2017

4 tips on how to keep fit and motivated this winter

PARC Fit trainer, Chris shares 4 tips on how best to embrace the cold winter days and stay fit and motivated. When winter approaches, many of […]
5 June 2017

Pru’s 8-week Transformation Program 

Next challenge starts July 17 Since February this year Pru, one of our personal trainers in the gym has embarked on two 8-week transformation challenges that […]
5 June 2017

Interview with Women’s Footballer Jessica Baguley

Meet Women’s Footballer and PARC employee Jessica Baguley 1. Your thoughts on women in football? I absolutely love women’s football! It’s incredible, the physicality, the endurance […]
5 June 2017

The Big Picture of Exercise

PARC Trainer Andrew talks us through the big picture of exercise. The essence of exercise or physical training is the improvement of your current status, mood, […]
5 June 2017

Meet Bridgette Richardson

Meet Bridgette Richardson from PARC Fit Black What do you want to achieve? I want to look the best I ever have in my life – like […]
5 June 2017

Gemma’s Running Blog

My next upcoming run is 56km- The Two Bays Trail Run (of death) I found it tough to get all the training in over November/ December […]